Dogs welcome! Dog travel tips and dog-friendly accommodations where pets can stay with their families.
Dogs Welcome!
Helping families travel with their dogs

Dogs Welcome!

How To Travel With Your Dog

Dogs are a huge part of our families. We feed them, nurture them, comfort them when they're ill, play with them, and in return they give us unconditional love. So it's no wonder that so many people are bringing their dogs on vacation too! The Dogs Welcome website offers information on traveling with your dog and finding hotels and holiday accommdation where pets can stay with you in your room (that means they don't have to sleep in the car or in a boarding kennel!).

Dogs welcome: Pet Travel Should Your Dog Travel? - Information on whether your dog is a good candidate for a family vacation. Your pooch might just rather stay at home, lounging on his favourite couch, or visiting his favourite people.
Dogs welcome: Pet policies Pet Policies - Is your 150 pound Great Dane welcome at a dog-friendly hotel? Can you bring your 5 dogs? Here's a list of common policies found at hotels about what types of pets can stay in their accommodation.

Dogs welcome Dogs Welcome Accommodation - Where to go to find hotels, motels, resorts, cottages, and even bed & breakfasts that allow dogs. There's a holiday accommodation just waiting for you!
Dogs welcome: Dog links Helpful Dog Links - Useful websites for travelers with dogs, everything from scenic things to see (explore the country with your dog!), dog training resources (a well-mannered dog is a joy to travel with), and lots of travel tips.

Thousands of families enjoy a vacation with their four-legged friends every year. With so many dogs welcome accommodations available, you could be relaxing in luxury at an upscale resort or exploring the trails and the lakes at a private cottage rental in the country. Plan ahead and have fun!